Englishman who can't find Donuts anywhere!

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Englishman who can't find Donuts anywhere!

Message par Greenwich-freakshow » 08/10/2012 16:44:28

Hi there, I'm really sorry that I don't speak french at all, I was only ever taught German which is of little use here but I hope you'll at least have a look and maybe be able to help.

I collected Zoon when I was very little and on holiday in Paris with my family one year, my brother and I discovered Zoon Do and bought every single one of them...and with me being a child and not knowing what I had I've lost most of them over the years.

I'm now 21 and found the Rapons and Pandees deck, the only one I stil owned and between Ebay and Ludibay I've managed to get my collection back with new additions I didn't even know existed like Bo Plato and Europa la retour.

So I've nearly got everything once more, I'm waiting on the original Europe continent decks in the post and I still need to buy the Ziatik continent but it's there and I know I can get it when I can afford it. The only cards I can't find are the Donuts tribes and it's a shame because they offered some of the more unique and diverse armies in the game and I want to play the Technogambas when I've got a higher intellect than a ten year old!

So I'm wondering if anyone outside of the UK can help me in finding it, it's the hole in my collection and Ludibay couldn't help me, so I hope someone here could give me some advice.

thanks in advance,

Ben Nathan